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Build apps that issue sophisticated queries against the Solana & Ethereum blockchains. Get real-time updates when new blocks are mined. BeQue makes slicing and dicing blockchain data a breeze.

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Ask questions about one or a thousand accounts. Get real-time updates. Quickly make sense of NFTs, DeFi services, and more.

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Whet your appetite with these example uses of BeQue. We use our TypeScript SDK here, but you can (of course) also make direct HTTP requests from the language of your choice.

Get the top 100 NFT trades this week

import { Trade } from "@beque/nft"; 

// Ask BeQue to find the top 100 NFT trades this week 
const nfts = await Trade.query()
    .where("date", ">=", ONE_WEEK_AGO) 
// We have data! 
for (const nft of nfts) {
    console.log(`${} purchased for ${nft.usdAmount}`); 
    // off-chain metadata is available, too... 
    console.log(` image is at: ${nft.imageUrl}`);

Get notified when a big NFT trade happens

import { Trade } from "@beque/nft"; 
import { Webhook } from "@beque/push"; 

// Look for $1M trades or better 
const bigTradeQuery = Trade.query()
    .where("usdAmount", ">=", 1_000_000); 
// Listen to this query. BeQue will call our Webhook HTTP endpoint
// when new blocks are mined and our query has relevant new results.
const listener = await Webhook.listen(bigTradeQuery); 

Get the total SOL ever sent from one account to another

import { Account, Transaction } from "@beque/base-sol"; 

// Ask BeQue to sum the transactions from address1 to address2 
const account1 = new Account(ADDRESS_1); 
const account2 = new Account(ADDRESS_2); 
const total = await Transaction.query()
    .where("from", account1) 
    .where("to", account2) 
// We have data! 
console.log(`${total} sent from ${ADDRESS_1} to ${ADDRESS_2}`);

Get the total volume of Uniswap trading in the last day

import { Trade } from "@beque/defi";

// Ask BeQue to sum all trades for Uniswap in the last day
const total = await Trade.query()
    .where("date", ">=", ONE_DAY_AGO)
    .where("exchange", "Uniswap")

// We have data!
console.log(`${total} traded in the last day`);

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